Blockchain is a disruptive technology that digitalizes every asset, transacts, tracks and traces the asset securely using state-of-the-art cryptography and open & transparent trust protocols. In the current decentralized world of things, blockchain is the fabric that enables enterprises across the world to transact without borders. From digital identities to certifications & attestations, farmers to consumers, ticketing to loyalty rewards, production to warranty and service, patients to providers & payers, sensors to smart secure autonomous devices, blockchain technology has disrupted the way industries, people and devices transact, thus bringing in new business models and efficiency.


The Blockchain Centre of Excellence at ITC Infotech is focused on working with the Blockchain Community across platforms, organizations and industries to help our clients understand and strategize the implementation of blockchain technologies such as Distributed Identity, Smart Distributed Ledgers, Distributed Storage so that they are at the forefront of the digital transformation journey and respond to new business models that evolve with these distributed, decentralized technologies. Our Solutions across Supply Chain, Banking & Financial Services, Airline and Healthcare Industries empower clients to secure trust with their partners and customers.

Our four-pronged approach below helps cover 360° aspects of the process


  • Assessment
  • Blockchain Innovation Lab
  • Strategy


  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Solution Development
  • Accelerators


  • Enterprise
  • Inter-chain
  • Partner
  • Consortium


  • New Business Models
  • Augmenting Technologies

Blockchain architectures lend themselves very well to solve problems like the ones indicated below. We will be glad to explore these areas more with you -


  • Farm Produce Provenance
  • Recall Management


  • Parts Provenance
  • IIoT Security
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty Services Management


  • Secure health records
  • Pharma Supply Chain Tracking
  • Clinical Trial Transparency


  • Cross Border Payments
  • Global Remittance
  • Micro lending
  • Trade Finance
  • Claims and settlements

Airlines & Hospitality

  • Loyalty Points
  • Booking & Insurance
  • Air Cargo Tracking
  • Maintenance Logs

Retail & CPG

  • Market place
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Points

ITC Infotech’s offerings provide clients with a better customer experience and retention rates, resulting in an increased customer engagement. Other benefits include clear pricing, real-time visibility of demand and supply, prevention of fraud and elimination of counterfeits, quicker claims settlement and a substantial reduction in network integration costs with partners.




Understand, adopt, implement and integrate blockchain based technology and business solutions with ITC Infotech.


Blockchain for Insurance

The many applications of blockchain technology will revolutionise the insurance industry by risk-proofing against ...


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Reduction in infrastructure cost for banks


Billion$ market by 2021


addition to Global GDP by 2025

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